Future Glass


Do you like to surround yourself with luxurious items that are supposed to not only satisfy Your sense of aesthetics but also be equally highly functional? Do you like seemingly impossible connections? Are you a person who knows what he wants and can appreciate a great idea, implementation and the end result? Or are You looking for new ways to present your own business? Are You looking for ways to attract Customers’ attention and interest in Your solutions? Do You want to emphasize the uniqueness of Your projects?

If so, we have products especially for You!

Modern technologies in the form of smart mirrors, smart fronts, custom TVs, switches and many others are finally entering modern interior design. By using our products, we can reduce the amount of used items and add previously unavailable multimedia or SMART functions. Furniture and design elements can also be SMART for the 21st century!

Future Glass offers SMART items and entire SMART systems to manage Your home, business or usable space. In cooperation with our Partners, we are able to meet most of the tasks set before us, and the spectrum of solutions from our offer exceeds market standards.

Currently, we offer, among others:
  • SMART (smart mirror) multimedia touch mirrors based on the Android system in various shapes and mirror and display sizes;
  • SMART (smart front) multimedia touch screen fronts based on Android;
  • Full offer of german company Mues-Tec:
    • SMART mirrors in various sizes,
    • SMART fronts in two versions,
    • waterproof TV ( bathrooms, SPAs, swimming pools, etc.),
    • Custom built in TV;
  • Full offer of the israeli company VITREA:
    • fully customizable touch glass switches and contacts,
    • SMART control systems for homes, commercial and public spaces;
  • Sliding and classic opening doors with built-in TV or (in the nearest future ) smart mirror in the middle – in connection with ZEROMUR;
  • Full offer of the polish company FIBARO:
    • smart home elements
    • smart home systems.
Please feel free to read the detailed information and contact us. We are at your disposal!