We are a young dynamic company whose aim is to introduce modern technologies into areas previously reserved for traditional solutions in the field of design and interior furnishing.

Our Partners and Customers can propose a lot of solutions introducing private but also commercial or public spaces to the SMART level. We work with many prestigious suppliers and companies involved in creating unique, beautiful and functional spaces. SMART home, office or building does not have to be complicated and time-consuming. In the end, SMART also means simplicity, but without taking it away from the highest aesthetic standards.

Wealready cooperate with several prestigious architectural offices, developers, furniture manufacturers, exhibition centers and companies from the SMART technologies industry. However, we have an appetite for more, because we believe that the future belongs to SMART solutions.

If, like us, you think that the standard is not enough, contact us and let us make your flat, home, office, shop and … life a little bit more interesting and more SMART. Feel free to contact us and check us out. And if you’re an Architect, Designer, Decorator Interior, you have a shop with a matching range, Showroom or Exhibition Center, you work with SMART systems and want to keep your finger on the pulse of the most modern SMART technologies in design, do not hesitate to contact us.

Thanks to our products, you will surprise your customers with unique and eye-catching solutions, and we will provide partners with favorable terms of cooperation, continuous expansion of the offer with additional products, pre-purchase and after-purchase support, as well as free training. We will be happy to devote time to meeting and presenting our solutions live. We will also answer all technical questions, we will give details and details. We are at your disposal. We encourage you to contact us as well as our Partners.

Our products can be ordered or seen at any of the Partner Companies:


Domatic (regional distributor for Dolnośląskie, Śląskie, Opolskie, Małopolskie)

Adres: Wrocław, ul. Zwycięska 20A/109,

Tel: +48 604 708 385;





Neuro House (regional Distributor for Zachodniopomorskie)

Adres: Szczecin, ul. Piłsudskiego 1A,

Tel: 602 440 044;




UVEG – Partner lokalny

Adres: ul. Wileńska 51, 05-200 Wołomin




Joker Decor – Partner lokalny

Adres: WGRO, ul. Franowo 1, 61-302 Poznań

Tel: 602 356 750



Kuchnie Atelier – Partner lokalny

Adres: ul. Żołnierzy 2 Armii 30-40, 65-936 Zielona Góra

Tel: 515 356 662




Soon more Partners will be included in this list. And for now, we are looking for more companies wanting to cooperate with us as regional and local distributors. Join us and be SMART!