Mues-Tec is a synonym of innovation and excellence on the German market and not only. The young, motivated team of Mues-Tec employees specializes primarily in innovative solutions, in the field of specialized displays – televisions in frames, mirrors, smart mirrors, smart fronts, waterproof televisions, etc. Their motto is: “Consumer electronics is as good as the technology that creates it.”

The consistent operation and clearly defined goal has led Mues-Tec to the group of leaders in the industry not only on the German market, but also the European market.

Modern factory, located in Fulda, Germany , with over 4,000 sq m of usable space, provides employees with the means and tools to maintain the highest quality of manufactured products and effective work on new ideas. Premium quality components from selected and proven suppliers from around the world guarantee the highest quality of all manufactured products. Strict German quality standards, every time verification of subassemblies and final products, an extensive network of distributors and focus on innovation, build success and strengthen the company’s position in the industry. Attitudes towards the customer through the implementation of non-standard orders, continuous search for new solutions, but also the implementation of multi-value orders contributes to the continuous improvement of the quality of services, products and service.

The Mues-Tec will take every challenge to meet even the most extraordinary wishes of its customers.

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