You can think about what has not been said about the cupboard fronts. Is standard and diversity of design in this case all? And the cabinet front does not just look nice … It can also fulfill many different functions. Do You sometimes read online recipes while beeing in the kitchen, or maybe You listen to music from Your smartphone while cooking? You would like to watch TV during everyday kitchen activities, but unfortunately You don’t have a place forTV?

We have a solution that will satisfy your needs and facilitate everyday activities!
We present You a multimedia touch SMART cabinet front.

Each of our fronts is equipped with a Full HD LED sensor, a 21.5 “touch screen, stereo speakers, a webcam, microphone, LAN connectivity, WiFi, Bluetooth and a USB connector. In addition, in each of them we will find a speech recognition system and a proximity sensor. All You need to do is to have the voice, touch and appropriate hands to control. The front is equipped with a stable Android system, which will allow us to install any application from Google Play. In standby mode or as off, it looks like a modern glass kitchen front – black or mirrored. At the moment of turning on the display, it becomes a multimedia all-in-on device, without ceasing to fulfill its basic role.

The SMART can be both a multimedia entertainment center, an internet radio, a music player, a recipe book, a window for multimedia content in Internet, favorite TV series etc. But it is not all! Due to the ability to install applications from leading manufacturers of smart home solutions (eg Somfy or Fibaro), the front will become the SMART home control center! Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to open the gate or pick up a video intercom without moving from kitchen?

The SMART front will also work well in commercial solutions as a content carrier. It can be mounted in any space equipped with cabinets, so it is at stake both a social room, a zone for a coffee machine at a gas station, or an element of office design. And these are just a few examples.

The SMART touch screen with a 21.5 “touch screen has a horizontal orientation and size of 455mm x 594mm x 19mm(38mm) and a choice of black or silver (mirror) glass color.