SMART mirror

The SMART touch mirror is the most modern product on the borderline of hifi and smartdom. Each of our mirrors is equipped with a Full HD LED diode with a touch screen diagonal from 13.3 “to 42”, stereo speakers, a built-in and invisible webcam, two microphones, LAN connectivity, WiFi, Bluetooth and a USB connector. Besides that, in every mirror You will find speech recognition system and proximity sensor.

Isn’t that SMART?!

Peripheries have been reduced to a minimum, and to have control You need only touch, voice and appropriate applications. The equipment is equipped with Android system, which will allow us to install any application from Google Play. It is You who are in charge here!

The device in standby or off mode, looks like a modern mirror. It’s activation, however, changes everything! In an instant, it becomes a multimedia and unconventional gadget that can perform diverse functions. The SMART mirror will be a great element of the interior design, which will highlight the uniqueness of the design and openness to modern solutions. It can also be one of the elements controlling the smart home elements by applications of the leading SMART solution manufacturers (for example Somfy or Fibaro) or an element of an advanced SMART network thanks to the Zigbee module. It can also be successfully used as a carrier of advertising content in specialist salons, offices or stores. And these are only the most obvious applications.

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Our offer includes mirrors with different shapes, sizes of glass and the screen itself. Ask us for details.